US radio reaches royalty settlement with ASCAP

By | Published on Wednesday 7 December 2011


America’s Radio Music License Committee, representing the country’s commercial radio sector, has announced a new licensing settlement with ASCAP, one of the US’s key collecting societies for music publishers and songwriters (alongside the other major player BMI, of course).

The RMLC and ASCAP have been in dispute for a while over what royalties US radio stations should be paying ASCAP members for the song rights in the tracks they play, but the new arrangement ends those disputes and will now be in place until 2016.

Speaking for the RMLC, Ed Christian, also CEO of Saga Communications, told reporters: “This is a gratifying result for the radio industry, which reflects the current realities of our industry and puts the industry back on sound footing insofar as its licensing relationships with ASCAP are concerned. We appreciate the good will which ASCAP has demonstrated in working with our industry to get this resolution”.

ASCAP boss John LoFrumento added: “The process of building this agreement was based on mutual trust and appreciation, and reflected both sides’ clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities we each see for the future. I want to thank the Radio Music License Committee for its creative approach in respecting the value provided by music creators in our negotiations”.