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US retailer Best Buy bailing on CDs

By | Published on Monday 5 February 2018


American retailer Best Buy will bail on CDs later this year. According to Billboard, the retail chain has told its music suppliers that compact discs will disappear from its stores in July.

The consumer electronics chain was once a significant seller of CDs in the US market, and only increased in importance as the number of specialist music retailers started to decline in the 2000s. Though the retailer’s commitment to musical discs has also been in decline for sometime now, with physical music sales slumping fast in the US than the UK.

Best Buy will remain committed to the good old vinyl revival, though, for the time being at least. Those records will be plonked next to the turntables being sold.

Elsewhere in US music retail news, there are reports that retailer Target is seeking to change its deals with the labels, so to shift more risk back to the record industry. The labels won’t like that, though Target may be able to use Best Buy bailing on CDs to force through new terms that are more favourable to the retailer.