Usher caught up in song theft allegation

By | Published on Tuesday 23 November 2010

Usher has been accused of stealing a little known songwriter’s song, though as the person who launched Justin Bieber onto the world, that’s surely the lesser of his crimes. 

One Wadena Pyatt has begun legal proceedings against the R&B star claiming she wrote his 2004 song ‘Caught Up’, which has previously been credited to Ryan Toby, Andre Harris, Vidal Davis and Jason Boyd. I’m not sure it’s actually Usher who is being accused of song theft here. Possibly it was Ryan. Or Andre. Or Vidal. Or Jason. Or possibly Alicia Keys, the song stealing bitch. 

I implicate one time Usher collaborator Alicia because Pyatt claims it was while signed to Ms Key’s label MBK Entertainment in 2003 that she wrote ‘Caught Up’. How it ended up on Usher’s 2004 album ‘Confessions’ is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Alicia passed it to Ryan who shared it with Andre who sang it to Vidal who suggested it to Jason who presented it to Usher. Or perhaps Alicia just gave it straight to Usher when they recorded ‘My Boo’ together, the song stealing bitch. 

Anyway, I should stress I’m not personally making any allegations against Usher, Ryan, Andre, Vidal, Jason or Alicia here, I’m sure they are all lovely people. Even if one of them is responsible for the Justin Bieber phenomenon. But Pyatt is convinced someone nicked her song and she wants all the profits it has made over the years, according to