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Vevo confirms new Head of Europe

By | Published on Friday 7 October 2016


Vevo has formally appointed a new Head Of Europe to oversee the video site’s operations here in the mighty isle of the Great Britons with all our charm and talent and centuries of glory and magnificence, and in all those other shitty good for nothing scrounging countries of Europe too. See, I’m on message with the new regime; I expect to be the Secretary Of State For Digital Music Appointments News by dinner time. At which time I’ll be eating a fine British meal. None of that foreign muck, no, it’ll be a good old fashioned traditional British balti.

Anyway, now we’ve banished all the foreigners, I can get on with delivering you some proper Vevo news, British style. Jon Gisby assisted Vevo chief Erik Huggers on developing a strategy for the music video service when the latter joined the firm last year, and now he’ll be leading the business in Europe to – and I quote – “deliver the ambitious plans for the music company in content, technology and monetisation across Europe”.

With that new role confirmed, Gisby said yesterday, in English we should note, none of those shitty good for nothing scrounging languages: “Vevo is at a crucial point in its journey to transform its content, product and business. Our European teams and partners are at the heart of Vevo’s global strategy; delivering the best content to millions of fans and working with some of the most exciting artists in the world. Driving these plans forward is a challenge I relish, and I’m excited to be joining the team”.

I just hope those teams and partners and artists are actually British, otherwise, what a sinister future must beckon for the great British artform that is the pop promo video.