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Vice and Pulse form alliance

By | Published on Friday 1 November 2013


Vice Media and London-based Pulse Films have announced a strategic alliance that will see the two firms work on various co-productions, including scripted movies and scripted and unscripted TV and online programmes.

The deal will see Pulse – a film company with a particular reputation for creating music-based content – expand its US presence, while Vice will distribute some of the co-produced projects via its network of online channels.

Pulse Films boss Thomas Benski told The Hollywood Reporter: “We are very ambitious about what we can achieve in the US and how we see Pulse continuing to grow internationally, and this partnership will bolster the development of all of our creative projects. It is incredibly exciting to be working with one of world’s most innovative media companies to help grow our business”.

Meanwhile Vice’s Chief Creative Officer Eddy Moretti said: “I am thrilled to see Vice and Pulse come together to give birth to a whole new generation of artistic filmmakers that will inspire and entertain us”.