Vice buys i-D

By | Published on Wednesday 19 December 2012


Vice Media, the company behind Vice magazine and its various spin-off business ventures, has bought London-based style mag i-D. Vice says the acquisition will help it expand its wider media interests, including its online and video-based platforms, into the fashion space.

The Guardian quotes Vice’s Andrew Creighton, who previously worked for i-D, as saying: “We have traditionally built everything we do here within the company, but i-D was perfect as a partner to launch a play into fashion. What i-D has not necessarily done, by accident or design, is move into the digital area in a big way”.

i-D’s founder Terry Jones, who reclaimed full ownership of the title in 2004 after two decades of being in business with Time Out, will retain a minority stake in the publication with his wife Tricia. He said of the new deal with Vice: “This marks the beginning of an incredibly exciting chapter in i-D’s history. There is a huge void in video-driven fashion channels and this partnership will fill and dominate that void”.

While the printed Vice magazine is a free title, i-D will remain a newsstand magazine, for the time being at least, though its new owners seemingly feel that the real potential of their new partnership with Jones is online, where Vice and i-D together will bid to win a slice of the online fashion media market.