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Vinyl lending library to open in London

By | Published on Tuesday 25 June 2013

The Vinyl Library

Vinyl’s becoming more popular, but it can be expensive too, not to mention rare. To help with this, a new vinyl lending library is to open in London. In Stoke Newington, in fact, which may or may not cause you to sigh and say, ‘Oh, of course’. Whatever, it sounds like fun.

The not-for-profit venture will open to the public on 1 Jul, charging a monthly fee to become a member – or offering free access to those who donate records themselves.

Promising to offer everything from “70s Afro-rock to UK garage”, founders Sophie Austin and Elly Rendall told CMU: “We want to create a sharing space for people to learn from one another by exploring vinyl in all its gloriousness”.

For more information, check out the library’s official Facebook page.