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Album Review: Vitalic – Flashmob (PIAS)

By | Published on Saturday 19 September 2009


Personally, I always found Vitalic’s 2005 debut album ‘OK Cowboy’ to be too brash and one dimensional for my liking. ‘Flashmob’, whilst not a radical departure conceptually, is a substantial step forward, however. A piledriving collection of electronic dance music imbued with subtle Gallic flourishes (Daft Punk comparisons are lazy, but still valid), it maintains the capacity to surprise, delight and move in equal measure. This is a loud, boisterous album but one that’s deftly melodic at the same time. ‘Second Lives’ has touches of icy melancholy amid its crunching synths and sounds like Jean Michel Jarre if he’d invented electroclash and was any good, whilst there’s a beautifully evocative moment a few minutes into ‘Still’ when the future – lush, pristine and dreamlike – arrives in panoramic widescreen. There are some reflective downtempo moments to enjoy too; ‘Alain Delon’ is a gorgeous piece of sedate, slightly sad pulsing electronica (well, it was never going to be a dancefloor classic with that title, was it?). All in all though, a fizzy, strobe-lit riot of fun. MS

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