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Vogue hires Kate Moss to critique new George Michael album

By | Published on Tuesday 18 March 2014

George Michael

Vogue has provided an interesting view into the world of a music reviewer. And I’m sure anyone who’s ever worked in this field will recognise their own lives in the article. From the artist personally dropping the CD round to your house, to your musician spouse providing you with a bunch of quotes so there’s some actual discussion of the music in your piece.

The article in question is actually a review of George Michael’s new album, ‘Symphonica’, by Kate Moss. Essentially a collection of anecdotes about her life as a friend and fan of Michael, it does indeed begin with a story about the singer dropping a CD round to Moss’s house (apparently leaving wordlessly straight away). And while she does talk at length about the “vulnerability, openness and richness” of Michael’s voice, all opinion on the rest of the record is drawn from her husband, The Kills’ Jamie Hince.

It’s probably fair to say that any review that features an anecdote about dancing to one of the songs in the artist’s own living room isn’t going to be the most balanced piece of criticism. Still, if Moss’s conclusion (unless you count the ALL CAPS proclamation of love at the very end as a conclusion) is that “everyone should experience this”, who are we to argue? I haven’t yet experienced the new record myself, but I’m pretty sure that it is the life changing experience that Moss describes.

Speaking of life-changing experiences, George Michael has told The Big Issue that he hasn’t smoked marijuana in eighteen months, saying: “I’ve completely stopped. I have decided to change my life and I haven’t touched it for well over a year and a half. [Now] I watch ‘Corrie’ [instead]. Especially because it’s more of a laugh. Even when life is tragic on ‘Coronation Street’, it’s still funny”.

So, there’s a thing. And another George Michael-related thing is that the BBC is preparing for its annual campaign to generate as many angry articles as possible about providing unfair amounts of free promotion to a single musician; last year fronted by Gary Barlow.

To be fair, the Beeb isn’t actually doing that much for Michael as his new record is unleashed this week. Radio 2 will air a two-part documentary on the singer – the first going out tonight at 10pm, with the follow-up at the same time on 25 Mar. Then on an undisclosed date in April, BBC One will broadcast highlights of Michael’s ‘Symphonica’ at the Opera Garnier in Paris last September.

Says the singer of this: “I’m delighted the BBC is broadcasting the Symphonica concert, which was recorded at the Opera Garnier in Paris, a stunning setting in which to perform a gig dedicated to a charity that’s so close to my heart. It was a magical night, so I’m thrilled that fans will get the chance to experience it, as well as hearing the behind-the-scenes story on Radio 2”.