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Voice winner sells less than 900 albums

By | Published on Tuesday 4 June 2013

Leighann Mitchell

The winner of the first UK series of ‘The Voice’, Leanne Mitchell, managed to shift just 895 copies of her eponymous debut album in its first week on sale, according to The Radio Times. The record reached number 134 in the official UK albums chart on Sunday.

Though let’s not completely write off the boost ‘The Voice’ is able to give its stars. Last month series one runner-up Bo Bruce reached number ten with her debut album, ‘Before I Sleep’. I’m sure Mitchell will be pleased that someone did alright out of it.

Already noting that her former rival’s post-Voice career wasn’t going especially well, Bruce told The Huffington Post, only slightly patronisingly, in April: “I felt so sorry for her. It’s such a difficult one. The BBC aren’t allowed to promote anything”.

She went on: “They dropped her single the day after ‘The Voice’, and much like with our tour, unlike ‘The X-Factor’ who can promote it between shows, the BBC can’t do any of that. So she didn’t have the right promotion, not enough people knew it was happening. I know she’s moved labels and is in a better place now for her sound”.