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Volkswagon hires Underworld to compose music for responsive in-car audio app

By | Published on Monday 2 December 2013


Volkswagon last week unveiled a new iOS app which creates music live based on information from a car’s engine management computer and location.

The website for the technology explains: “The innovative app reads how and where you drive, translating it into music live. The app gets speed and RPM data from the GTI’s on-board computer. The steering acceleration and location data is calculated from a combination of the accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS receiver present in the iPhone. All of the data collected is filtered and smoothed before use”.

Remarking on the musical credentials of the new app, Underworld’s Rick Smith adds: “I think we all felt from the beginning that if it was just an experiment that produced an experimental result and that was it, then it was going to be a failure. It needed to arouse emotions, as music does”.

It’s not currently planned to make the system publicly available, but you can see it in action here: