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Vulfpeck attempt to trick Spotify into funding tour

By | Published on Wednesday 19 March 2014


US band Vulfpeck have announced an ambitious plan to head out on tour later this year, where all shows will be free to attend and entirely funded by Spotify. The streaming service, however, is not an entirely willing sponsor.

Earlier this week, the band released a new album exclusively on Spotify, called ‘Sleepify’. It features ten 30 second long tracks, all of which are completely silent. The band reckon that if fans play the album on repeat while they sleep each night, they’ll generate $4 in revenue for the band. If enough fans do this every night, then the tour will be fully funded and no one will have to pay to get into the gigs. Also, the band plan to take the tour to the places where ‘Sleepify’ gets the most streams, so your sleepy devotion will hopefully be rewarded.

Now, let’s ignore the obvious flaws in this plan – that it only works for premium users who won’t be disturbed by the ads, and the potential for Spotify to pull the album, being just two – and just enjoy the pure publicity stunt of it all. How? By watching this video promoting the idea, of course: