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Wainwright doesn’t care about gay marriage

By | Published on Monday 15 December 2008

Rufus Wainwright isn’t too bothered that gay marriage isn’t allowed in California any more because of the previously reported passing of Proposition 8.

Reports from the US quote the (gay) singer as saying: “Oddly enough, I’m actually not a huge gay marriage supporter. I personally don’t want to get married but I think that any law or amendment to the constitution that deals with sex and love should just be banned in general”.

“I don’t think any government should encroach on what goes on in the bedroom at all. Frankly, if you want to marry a dog, why don’t you go ahead and marry a dog, I don’t care. I’m a complete libertarian and so I really disagree with it”.

He was speaking ahead of a performance at the annual ‘McGarrigle Christmas Hour featuring Rufus and Martha Wainwright’ event at Carnegie Hall in New York, which took place on 10 Dec.