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Warner appointments: Magnus Ribbeklint, Mark Mitchell, Helen McLaughlin

By | Published on Wednesday 25 October 2017

Warner Music

OK everybody, you all need to set aside a few minutes later today to update the Warner Music corporate hierarchy charts you all have on your kitchen walls. It’s the blue one, remember. That’s going to make the Tippex use a bit obvious, but there’s not time to create a new one from scratch. Maybe use blue post-it notes to make the amendments?

Right, here we go. First up, the mini-major’s Atlantic Records label in the UK has a new General Manager. Or will do from next January. Magnus Ribbeklint is flying in from Warner Music Sweden to take on the task of GMing the British label. He has an “innate understanding of the streaming era”, says Warner. Can an understanding of the streaming era be “innate”? Ah, the old nature/nurture debate. But you know, Spotify is from Sweden, Ribbeklint is from Sweden, so it’s definitely in the genes. Green streaming genes.

Here’s his new boss Ben Cook, President of Atlantic Records UK, with some words: “Magnus is a brilliant creative and digital strategist. He shares our love of great music, our passion for artist development and our resolute focus on the future. Throughout the Nordic transition to streaming his foresight and expertise helped transform Warner Music Sweden into a global leader in social media, content and digital marketing”.

Sounds good. What else? “He joins us at a pivotal time for the UK industry. I’m confident he’ll help keep Atlantic at the leading edge of music’s on-going evolution – as we continue to find innovative new ways to release and campaign our amazing artists. I look forward to him being a key player in the already impressive force that makes up Atlantic UK”.

So do I Ben, so do I. Ribbeklint is taking over as GM of Atlantic UK from Mark Mitchell, who has just been promoted to the job of Co-President at another Warner label, good old Parlophone. Mitchell’s promotion to that job was announced last week as Parlophone top man Miles Leonard confirmed rumours that he was stepping down from a full time role at the company, though he’ll still be doing some of that advising shit that we all aspire to do one day. Top advising shit too, I suspect.

Confirming Mitchell’s promotion last week, Warner Music’s top dude Max Lousada, who is now busy running the mini-major’s recorded music business worldwide of course, said these very words: “I couldn’t be happier that Mitch is taking on this role”.

He went on: “He has the rare skill of understanding how to break artists as well as delivering massive moments for global superstars. He thinks like an indie while operating in a major, which means a diverse array of artists have flourished thanks to his expertise. This is a fantastic new chapter for Mitch and for Parlophone”.

I love a new chapter me. But enough of all these British Warner labels, I want more news about the company’s Nordic offshoots, where streaming is in the genes. So hurrah for the news that Helen McLaughlin has just been appointed MD of Warner Music Sweden. She is also due to take on her new role next January.

Her new boss Jonas Siljemark, President of Warner Music Nordics, says: “Helen is well-known across the Swedish music industry as someone who puts the interests of artists first and foremost. She has an incredible track record of developing artists and building long-term careers for them. I can’t wait to see what she’ll achieve heading up the Warner Music Sweden team”.

McLaughlin joins Warner from Sony Music Sweden, which means you’re going to have to update your Sony Music corporate hierarchy wall chart too. But maybe lets worry about that tomorrow. I mean, I’m all out of red post-its.

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