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Warner buys media firm Uproxx

By | Published on Friday 3 August 2018

Warner Music

The Warner Music top guard had one of those team away days earlier in the week and decided to spend that time together shopping for “youth culture and video production powerhouses”. Like you do. And they only went and got themselves an Uproxx! Good going. That’s my very favourite of all the youth culture and video production powerhouses!

“In the always-on, attention economy, it’s not enough to simply deliver amazing music to the world. We aim to tell engaging and original stories that influence culture”, says Warner Music’s Global Recorded Music boss Max Lousada, spinning a pretty engaging and original story all of his own. Consider culture influenced.

“Uproxx brings together pioneering personalities and credible brands in ways that move huge audiences to talk, listen and share”, says Lousada of the “youth culture and video production powerhouse” the major has just bought. “They’ll be great partners as we redefine what it means to be a dynamic, future-focused music company”.

Uproxx founder Jarret Myer previously worked with Lousada at Rawkus Records. Confirming his company was now part of Warner, he said: “It’s a true pleasure to be once again working with Max, going back to our time running Rawkus Records together, where we championed unique talent, broke marketing rules, and built a loyal audience”.

He added: “Uproxx was founded on those same core principles – with the goal of going beyond music and covering all aspects of what shapes our culture today and tomorrow. Over the past decade we’ve become trusted by our loyal audience and advertising partners in helping to turn brands into cultural moments. With this acquisition, we grow our significance as a beacon for youth culture and entertainment”.

Originally launched in 2008, Uproxx is mainly a website. But also a youth culture and video production powerhouse. Oh, and a beacon for youth culture and entertainment. What an engaging and original story! Consider culture influenced. Again!