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Warner launches new dance imprint

By | Published on Friday 17 September 2021

Warner Music

Warner Music’s Atlantic Records in the UK has today launched a new imprint. What will it focus on? Well, I’m glad you asked. It will focus on, and I quote, “discovering and amplifying the hottest emerging talent within dance music”. The launch is being overseen by Tristan Parsons, who also becomes Atlantic UK’s Head Of Dance Marketing.

But what is this new imprint called? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s called Signal >> Supply. Why is it called Signal >> Supply? Well, I’m glad you asked. “The name is borne from the idea that the DJ reacts to their dancefloor – the crowd signals what they want and the DJ supplies it”. See, simple.

Says Parsons: “This will be the first time ever that Atlantic Records UK has had a space solely focussed on finding and breaking emerging DJs and producers and I believe it’s a massively exciting prospect. By using the techniques we know work to break artists globally and championing a diverse range of forward-thinking dance music, I know we can create something special. I’m hugely passionate about dance music and can’t wait to get started!”

Ed Howard and Briony Turner, Co-Presidents of Atlantic Records UK, add: “Dance music has been a dominate gene in music culture for decades and today feels as influential as ever, so we’re excited to develop a dedicated arm within the Atlantic UK stable in Signal >> Supply. This new imprint will be a breeding ground for Tristan, Kevin and Joe to create a truly subversive roster for a new generation of dance music fans. We’re very proud of all they have achieved and THRILLED to start this new chapter with them”.

Who are Kevin and Joe? Well, I’m glad you asked. They are Senior A&R Managers Kevin Christian-Blair and Joe Barbe, who are working alongside Parsons on all these dance music good times. Good times including ‘Joy’ from Manchester-based producer Salute, which is the new imprint’s first release.

Salute, I note – because he says so on his Twitter page – is meant to be written with a lower case ‘s’. Then again, Signal >> Supply is meant to be written in all uppercase.

Can’t people just follow the rules of English when it comes to what gets a capital letter and what doesn’t? You know, the grammar rules they taught you at school. And, as those of you who were paying attention in English class will remember, proper nouns always start with capital letters, and the only word you write in all caps is “THRILLED”.

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