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Warner/Chappell allies with SACEM on digital licensing

By | Published on Monday 5 June 2017


French collecting society SACEM last week announced that it had been appointed by Warner/Chappell to assist in the licensing of the Warner music publishing company’s Anglo-American repertoire to some digital services.

The big five publishers usually license their Anglo-American repertoires to digital services directly in Europe, though in partnership with the collecting societies – both those which control the performing rights in the songs the publishers are licensing (the publisher only controls the mechanical rights) and those which have systems set up to deal with the digital services day-to-day and with the monthly task of working out what songs have been streamed where.

Warner/Chappell is working with SACEM in the latter capacity. Under the new arrangement, SACEM will support the major with its licensing arrangements with Deezer, Qobuz and YouTube on a multi-territory basis.

Confirming that new deal, SACEM boss Jean-Noël Tronc said: “We are very proud to announce that Warner/Chappell Music is the latest major publisher to entrust us with their repertoire in a multi-territory online licensing deal for several streaming platforms that represent a strategically important and growing market”.

He went on: “This new partnership with Warner/Chappell Music is a vindication of our strategic investment in a future-proof global online copyright management system. We are passionate about using digital innovation to turn the challenge of digital fragmentation of rights into an opportunity to unlock more value for creators and rights-holders”.