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Warner’s ADA launches new Latin division

By | Published on Tuesday 28 July 2020

Warner Music

Warner Music’s label services business ADA yesterday launched a new Latin-focused division to be known as, and this is exciting, it’s going to be called, I mean brace yourself for this because it’s really inspired, the new division has the name, and I’m warning you, you’re going to be floored by the innovation and creativity on show here, so maybe take a seat and a deep breath before I finish this sentence, because the newly announced strand of ADA, and I’m not shitting you, I’ve known about this for several hours and am only now coming to terms with the genius of the branding on display here, it’s going to be called, well, now, actually, it’s called ADA Latin. Marvellous!

“Global impact is a cornerstone of ADA, we’re the indie that can scale”, says Warner Music’s Independent Music & Creator Services chief Eliah Seton. “Being a leader in Latin America is mission-critical to delivering on this promise. As we continue to expand and connect our networks, capabilities and services globally, Juan’s appointment and the team and roster he is building represent a huge milestone. A manager himself, he has the creative credibility to be a true partner to artists – and his marketing acumen is unparalleled, having been an executive at some of the biggest players in the region”.

Jaun, by the way, is Jaun Paz, an artist manager and music marketer who has previously worked for the Latin divisions of Sony Music and EMI and who, I’ve been reliably told, by secret insiders who know about these things, has the creative credibility to be a true partner to artists and a marketing acumen that is unparalleled. Oh, actually, now I come to think about it, it was Seton who said all that. In the last paragraph. I knew I’d heard it somewhere.

“As someone with an entrepreneurial background who has touched all aspects of the music business, I was drawn to ADA’s unique position in the industry”, adds Paz himself. “There’s so much opportunity, especially in this region, and the local artistic community will benefit from having a strong advocate and partner to rely on”.

Based in Miami, ADA Latin will spearhead the Warner division’s operations in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, and work with Latin music-makers in the US too.