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Wasserman Music buys Paradigm UK

By | Published on Wednesday 27 April 2022

Wasserman Music

When talent agency Paradigm sold its US music division to sports marketing and talent management firm Wasserman last year – creating Wasserman Music – maybe you wondered, at least for a moment, what that meant for the UK-based Paradigm music team. Because, the London-based agency that was originally known as Coda allied with Paradigm in the US in 2014 and started actually operating under the Paradigm brand in 2019.

“Wasn’t Wasserman interested in Paradigm’s UK music business too?”, you may also have mused. Well, if you did, the answer to that musing is, “yes, Wasserman was interested in Paradigm’s UK music business too”. And just to confirm that, Wasserman yesterday announced the acquisition of Paradigm’s UK music business.

It means that that London-based team will now be working with their former Paradigm US colleagues once again. Plus Alex Hardee, Dave Hallybone, James Whitting and Tom Schroeder from the UK business will all join the Wasserman Music management team.

“I am incredibly proud to reunite Alex, Dave, James, Tom and their team with the full force of our Wasserman Music group”, says the boss of the wider Wasserman company, Casey Wasserman.

“They not only persevered through a once in a lifetime pandemic”, he continues, “but prioritised their clients and partnerships in a way that is consistent with our values and commitment to talent. With this group now under one banner, we now have a truly scalable and serviceable global music practice and look forward to strengthening our platform together”.

Speaking for the UK team, Schroeder adds: “The pandemic was incredibly testing for the industry. It really made us all look at everything we have achieved and where we were going. What we saw in Wasserman was a company very different from others – dynamic, fast-moving, open, and honest”.

“The commitment from our staff was incredible, and I couldn’t be more proud and determined to continue our journey”, he goes on. “Casey and his team are the most ambitious we have ever met, and their reach and vision is inspiring. We have always seen ourselves as the alternative, and that fits better today than ever before”.