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Weezer launch their own version of Wordle

By | Published on Friday 4 March 2022


Have you been playing Wordle? Of course you have. There’s not one person who doesn’t play Wordle every single day. But once you’ve spent those few minutes each morning on that particular puzzle, do you wish you didn’t have to wait a full day for another one? Are you also a fan of Weezer? Well, have I got news for you. There’s now a Weezer-based version of Wordle, called Weezle.

“If you like Wordle and Weezer, you’ll probably like Weezle”, proclaimed frontman Rivers Cuomo in a tweet yesterday.

Unlike Wordle, each day’s five letter answer on Weezle is related to Weezer in some way, which does narrow your options somewhat. I got today’s in two goes and have thus exhausted all the Weezer-related five letter words I can think of off the top of my head.

Anyway, whatever, you can play Weezle here.

Once you’ve played Wordle and Weezle though, what do you do next? You’ve got yourself a taste for word games that only take up a few minutes of your day now and you need more. OK then, how about the recently launched Taylordle? It is – you have guessed correctly – a version of Wordle featuring only words related to Taylor Swift. Or Wordle (Taylor’s Version), if you like.