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Who did Taylor Swift vote for, wonders the world

By | Published on Wednesday 9 November 2016

Taylor Swift

“Who is Taylor Swift voting for?” briefly became one of the most searched terms on Google yesterday, as the United States went to the polls.

Unlike many celebs, Swift stayed quiet on her voting preference in public. Maybe that’s why Trump won. Maybe all that was needed was Swift’s star power to tip the balance. Although I suspect that for many Trump voters, Swift ditching country music for pop is the perfect metaphor for everything they hate and fear about modern America. So perhaps it’s better she kept shtum.

Ah well, it’s all over now. Who did she vote for though? Well, deep analysis of an Instagram post yesterday hints that she was a Clinton supporter. Because she wore a grey vest with open shoulders, see? It’s obvious.

Why? Well, according to USA Today, Swift’s great mate Lena Dunham recently posted a picture of Clinton in similar attire, dubbing it the “cold shoulder sweater”. Dunham suggested wearing the same in support of Clinton. And then Swift turns up dressed like that at her local polling station.

Could it be a coincidence? Yes. But is it? No. Well, maybe. Probably not. I’ve already thought too much about this. For a moment I almost forgot that Trump won. Then I remembered that 2016 is a total dickbag.