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Who might be enemy number one of music in 2017?

By | Published on Monday 30 January 2017


CMU Trends returns for the new year this week, considering who the top contenders might be for the position of ‘enemy number one’ of the music industry in 2017.

CMU Trends provides regular reports that analyse key developments in the music business and explain how different aspects of the sector work, digging a little deeper and explaining the inner workings of the music industry. We publish about 30 CMU Trends articles each year, covering digital, copyright, retail, marketing, ticketing, funding and direct-to-fan, among other topics, along the way. Premium subscribers to CMU have access to all these articles, both online and as PDF downloads.

The first CMU Trends of 2017, which is available to all as a free read, considers who is most likely to have a high profile falling out with the music industry this year. It considers the ongoing tensions with YouTube, the licensing challenges ahead for Facebook, the potential pitfalls as Spotify heads to IPO, the music industry’s legal battles with the US radio industry, and the ongoing campaign against secondary ticketing.

Says the article: “As 2017 gets fully underway, the music industry continues to evolve as rapidly as ever. It can be hard to keep up with which challenges and opportunities you should focus on, which tools and tactics you should employ, and which services you should be courting the most. But more importantly, who we can blame when it all goes wrong? CMU Trends presents five contenders for enemy number one of the music industry in 2017”.

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