Artist News says Kanye West’s presidential bid is “dangerous”

By | Published on Monday 13 July 2020 has criticised Kanye West’s announcement that he intends to stand for US president this year, calling it “dangerous”.

“It’s a dangerous thing to be playing with”, he tells the Mirror. “If you’re not serious, you don’t play with that, especially now. Like what the fuck, seriously, I don’t even know what, like, community service you do”.

The Black Eyes Peas member adds that he’s not interested in entering politics himself. He says he’s happy to focus on his own charity project supporting poor children from where he grew up in Los Angeles so that they can go to university.

“There’s so many ways to help our communities other than politics and you don’t have to run for office to change people’s lives for the better”, he says.

“Our kids have gone off to colleges they probably never thought, or anyone thought, they’d go to”, he goes on, “like Dartmouth, Brown, Stanford, UCLA – studying things you probably never thought they would study, like bioscience, engineering, autonomy, robotics and computer science. So you don’t have to be a politician to protect the youth”.

Which is very true. Though, to be fair to West, when he outlined his policies in a Forbes interview last week, protecting the youth wasn’t one of them.