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WiMP announces tel co deals in Poland and Pakistan

By | Published on Friday 6 June 2014


Want more streaming service/tech company tie-ups? Well here, have two, courtesy of the dudes from WiMP.

The Norway-based streaming platform has this week announced an alliance with T-Mobile in Poland, that will see its streaming service bundled in with the phone firm’s mobile packages in the country, assuring WiMP-like musical goodness for Poles everywhere. Well, in Poland mainly.

Meanwhile further afield from its North European homeground, WiMP has also secured a partnership with Telenor Pakistan which will see the tel co bundle the music platform into some of its mobile packages and resell the service in Pakistan.

On the latter deal WiMP CEO Andy Chen told reporters: “We are aiming for high growth internationally and distribution partners like Telenor is a key element that has proved successful in our existing markets. We are happy they have chosen us as their partner in Pakistan and are confident that along with our new Asian team, this will give us an excellent platform for continued growth and expansion”.