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Wireless group announces nine new local DAB music stations, plus four (FOUR) Christmas-themed channels

By | Published on Friday 10 November 2017

Wireless Group

News UK-owned radio firm the Wireless Group has announced it will launch nine (or seven, depending on how you count) new regional music stations on DAB, as well as no less than four Christmas-themed pop-up stations. You really never can have too many.

“This investment reinforces our commitment to local radio in our regions”, says Wireless Group CEO Scott Taunton. “We hear our listeners’ demands, and following research into their tastes and preferences we have committed to an array of exciting new stations. I’m confident they will prove to be in-tune with our listeners and advertisers alike”.

Local radio Programme Director Terry Underhill adds: “Whether you are after Christmas classics, 80s chart toppers, greatest hits or the best new music, our new non-stop music stations have got past, present, future and Christmas all wrapped up”.

Of the new permanent stations, which will all launch on 1 Jan, three are Scottish Sun branded (it being another News UK-owned media, of course) and will be available in Scotland only. Those are Scottish Sun 80s, Scottish Sun Hits and Scottish Sun Greatest Hits. Not sure why you’d tune into the hits station when you know there are greater hits on another channel.

Meanwhile, Wireless’s existing ‘Total Access’ youth show aimed at under 25s, which broadcasts each weeknight across its network, will be spun off into its own station, available in Staffordshire/Cheshire, South Wales and West Yorkshire.

The remaining three new outlets are Signal 80s in Staffordshire and Cheshire, Wave 80 in South-West Wales, Pulse 80s in West Yorkshire.

But what of these Christmas stations? Do we have to wait until 1 Jan to switch on to those? Hell no, three of those are all on the air from today. You can listen to Signal Christmas, Wave Christmas and Pulse Christmas right now in their various regions. And from next Friday, you’ll be able to listen to Scottish Sun Christmas in Scotland. Lucky you.