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Woo! More Momentum funding announced! Hoo!

By | Published on Tuesday 27 January 2015

Momentum Music Fund

Can it be that time again already? Apparently it can, because I am writing a lazy introduction to a story about it. YES! The latest line-up of beneficiaries form the Momentum Music Fund has been announced. Contemporary musicians! Free money! Good times!

Momentum, of course, is the fund launched by Arts Council England at The Great Escape in 2013, which provides grants of £5000 to £15,000 to help emerging acts get to the next stage of their careers.

These, would you believe it, are the latest ten to benefit:

Adult Jazz (EP recording, touring and marketing)
Arrows Of Love (Recording)
Jessica Agombar (Single release, marketing and live show)
Lonelady (Touring)
Matt Woods (Recording, releasing, marketing and live launch)
Money (Second album)
Night Works (Second album)
Then Thickens (Marketing)
Tropics (Live show development)
We Were Evergreen (Recording and marketing)

Want money? The deadline to apply for the next round of funding is 10 Feb. Do so here.

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