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X-Factor Australia axed

By | Published on Tuesday 31 January 2017


‘X-Factor’ has been axed in Australia, making the eighth series last November the talent show’s last in the country. Broadcaster Seven has decided not to recommission the programme.

For the last series, Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert and Mel B were brought in to join former ‘Australian Idol’ winner and the country’s 2015 Eurovision entrant Guy Sebastian on the judging panel. Speculation that the show would be coming to an end, after that series was poorly received, have now been confirmed.

“‘X-Factor’ is not coming back”, Seven’s Head Of Programming Angus Ross told TV Tonight, before going on to note poor ratings in general for the network at the end of 2016. “Obviously the back half of the year wasn’t as successful as the front half of the year for us. We walk away with ‘Secret Daughter’ as a win from the back half, but there was a bit of disappointment with some of the other shows”.

“We are very hard markers on ourselves, versus others”, he added. “Some numbers that may get a pass mark on other networks don’t get a pass mark with us. So we have a number of slots to fill and over the next couple of months we’ll be announcing a lot more”.

So, there you go, maybe ‘X-Factor’ didn’t do so badly in Australia. Seven just has really high standards. Though it is the second time that the Aussie version of the show has been dropped for bringing in low viewer numbers – the same having happened after the first series on Network Ten in 2005.