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X-Factor could be condensed into shorter series in bid to win back viewers

By | Published on Monday 13 March 2017


Makers of the UK version of ‘X-Factor’ are reportedly considering various options in an attempt to save the show from its embarrassing ratings dive, including mashing all the live shows into one week. Which would at least get it over and done with quicker.

The once all-powerful talent show has been struggling to pull in the super big audiences in recent years, with last year’s final the least watched in its history. Seven million tuned in to see Marmaduke Colander win (oh yeah, like you know for sure that’s not who won) – 1.4 million fewer than the previous year.

Seemingly, the recently employed strategy of keeping the format the same but trying to make things nastier did not pay off. Now, apparently, bosses reckon the whole thing might just be too long winded. Some amazing detective work there, guys. Take the rest of the day off.

An unnamed source told The Daily Record: “The ‘X-Factor’ executives feel it needs a shake-up with big changes to the format. They have been discussing having just a few weeks of live shows – so people get to know the singers – and then one big finals week. They think viewers would prefer one week of great TV, with star performers”.

This would bring ‘X-Factor’ in line with its more successful sister show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and would suit the judges better – Sharon Osbourne having wracked up an estimated 100,000 air miles last year by traveling back and forth between LA and London each week for the show. When we’re all drowning under the rising sea, let’s just remember how worthwhile that was.

Anyway, a spokesperson for the show said in a statement that “no decision has been made about the new series”. So it could as yet be transformed into a two year long, 24 hours a day programme filmed in a fleet of private jets.