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Years & Years release first track from second album

By | Published on Thursday 8 March 2018

Years & Years

Years & Years are back with the first track from their second album. ‘Sanctify’ is the first taste of an LP that will apparently cover “identity, sexuality, celebrity and performance”, and is due out later this year.

“The video for ‘Sanctify’ centres around an audition against the backdrop of a future metropolis called Palo Santo”, says vocalist Olly Alexander of the new song’s accompanying promo clip. “We’ve deliberately hidden lots of different meanings and I want people to come up with their own interpretations. I’m asking people to jump down the rabbit hole with me and let their imagination run free”.

Suggesting more to come, he continues: “I’m making these videos because I want to let people inside my brain and because I love living in my own fantasy world – always have, always will – a place where sexuality and gender are blurred and magic is real. We live in a chaotic and accelerating world, we’re looking at depictions of the future to help us make sense of what’s happening right now. This is my vision of a possible future, one that makes us question what it means to be a human”.

Watch the video here: