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Yeasayer imagine “demented R&B” album

By | Published on Tuesday 11 October 2011


Yeasayer have declared plans to release a “demented R&B record” as the successor to last year’s ‘Odd Blood’, with lead singer Chris Keating citing both Aaliyah and David Bowie as “major influences” on the as-yet untitled 2012 long player.

Spilling his proverbial guts to US rock mag Spin, Chris says: “[We’re] trying to get back to the roots of the music that we like. We’re asking ourselves, ‘How do four white dudes in Brooklyn write a reggae song that’s not cheesy?’ Or, ‘How do we write an R&B song but inject your own personality into it by fucking up all the sounds?'” I literally have no idea how they’re going to accomplish either of those things, but I don’t doubt that they will.

He goes on: “On the last record we were consciously writing love songs. So we didn’t want to repeat that. I’m writing from a more depressing and darker perspective. There are a lot of shitty things going on in the world lately. And the prospect of a Rick Perry presidency is the most horrifying thing ever. He’s already making George Bush look like a fucking genius”.

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