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Yellowcard pushing ahead with legal action against Juice Wrld

By | Published on Thursday 19 December 2019

Juice WRLD

Punk band Yellowcard are pushing forward with their lawsuit against Juice Wrld, despite the rapper’s death earlier this month.

The case – in which Yellowcard accuse Juice Wrld of lifting their 2006 song ‘Holly Wood Died’ for his 2018 track ‘Lucid Dreams’ – was put on hold after the rapper died on 8 Dec. However, according to XXL, the band have now filed a new motion in relation to the case.

That legal filing, according to XXL, extends the amount of time the surviving defendants – the rapper’s co-writers Taz Taylor and Nick Mira, and the two labels he worked with, Grade A Productions and Interscope – have to respond to the lawsuit.

It was in October that the four former members of Yellowcard – who broke up as a band in 2017 – went legal with their accusations of song theft, demanding $15 million+ in damages, and a rights and royalty share in ‘Lucid Dreams’.

Arguing the band’s case, the lawsuit notes that Juice Wrld spoke in several interviews about the influence “emo pop rock” had on the development of his sound.

In one such interview, it was noted, he said that he had “listened to and educated himself in emo pop rock music” in order to impress a girl he had a crush on in the fifth grade. And guess what came out when the rapper was in fifth grade? Yeah, Yellowcard’s emo pop rock song ‘Holly Wood Died’.

The original deadline for the various defendants to respond – 9 Dec – having been missed due to the rapper’s death and the case being put on hold, they now have until 4 Feb.