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YouTube complete deal with SACEM

By | Published on Friday 1 October 2010

Google has signed a licensing deal with French publishing collecting society Sacem with regards YouTube, meaning the video site will be paying songwriters and publishers represented by the society for the use of their music on the web platform through to at least 2012.

According to Bloomberg, France is the eighth country where YouTube has secured a licensing deal with the local collecting society. The video site already has a deal in place with the UK’s PRS For Music, of course, though in Germany GEMA remain insistent that the royalty fees proposed by the web giant are unreasonable.

Confirming his YouTube deal, Sacem chief Bernard Miyet urged his German counterparts to continue seeking a settlement with the video site “for the sake of all” in music. However, he said he had not consulted GEMA while negotiating with YouTube because European competition laws banned him from working with collecting societies in other countries on such deals.

A spokesman for YouTube said Sacem’s deal was similar to that it had struck with Italian collecting society SIAE.