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YouTube warns against buying views

By | Published on Wednesday 20 November 2013


Following various stories this year accusing certain companies, including music firms, of “buying” YouTube views to improve their publicly accessible stats, the Google-owned video site has published a new post on its creators blog warning users off paying third-party companies to boost views of their videos. It also provides some tips for how to get the best out of a third party view booster, should creators still choose to employ one, while also talking up YouTube’s own TrueView ad platform.

The company writes: “We know you work hard on your videos, and perhaps they don’t always get as many views as you’d hoped for. But if you’re considering paying someone to increase your view count, you may want to think again. You probably won’t get what you paid for. Views generated by some third-party businesses and services will not be counted on YouTube, and can lead to disciplinary action against your account, including removing your video or suspending your account”.

Pointing out that long term success comes from creating stuff that people actually want and then engaging with those people, it stresses that “if you contract a company that gives you spam instead of views, you pay the penalty, not the company”.

Read the post in full here.