TODAY'S TOP STORY: CMU Insights has today announced a special series of webinars for music people during lockdown providing insightful, easy-to-follow, super-timely guides to music rights, music marketing, the digital market, record deals, and much more... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES CMU launches special series of Lockdown Webinars
DEALS Warner's Arts Music partners with Fred Rogers Productions
LABELS & PUBLISHERS IMPALA launches website to map COVID-19 support for music sector across Europe
LIVE BUSINESS Eventbrite axes 45% of its staff to save money during the COVID-19 crisis
Following explosive lawsuit, Paradigm boss announces million dollar relief fund for laid-off staff
ARTIST NEWS John Prine's wife issues statement following musician's death from COVID-19
RELEASES Self Esteem announces new EP, Cuddles Please
ONE LINERS Royal Albert Hall, Calvin Harris, TikTok, more
AND FINALLY... Randy Newman offers COVID-19 advice in song
CMU Insights presents a special series of webinars for music people during lockdown providing insightful, easy-to-follow, super-timely guides to music rights, music marketing, the digital market, record deals, and much more.

The webinars are presented by CMU's Chris Cooke, who has trained thousands of artists, songwriters and music industry professionals all over the world. They are perfect for anyone working in or with the music industry who wants a solid understanding of the business of music, and where the industry is heading next.

The webinars will take place each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at:
2.30pm UK TIME | 3.30pm CET | 9.30am EDT

We are currently taking bookings for nine Lockdown Webinars - full information below. Places are available at the special discounted rate of £20 per webinar - with further discounts if you book into four or all nine.


Tuesday 21 Apr | BOOK TICKETS
The music rights business makes money by exploiting the controls that come with the copyrights in songs and recordings. Get to grips with all the basic principles of copyright law and how music copyright makes money in this user-friendly easy-to-follow webinar.
Wednesday 22 Apr | BOOK TICKETS
Streaming now accounts for more than half of recorded music revenues worldwide - and in many countries it's much bigger than that. Get fully up to speed on all the key trends and developments in the global streaming music market in this super timely webinar.
Thursday 23 Apr | BOOK TICKETS
The artist/label relationship has evolved a lot in the last fifteen years. Today artists have a much wider range of options when choosing a business partner to work on their recordings. This webinar explains that evolution and runs through the key deal types now available.
Tuesday 28 Apr | BOOK TICKETS
Getting songwriters and artists paid when their songs and recordings are played often comes down to whether or not the right data is in the system. But what data? This webinar runs through all the key data points and explains how to get information into the system.
Wednesday 29 Apr | BOOK TICKETS
The streaming business is complex in terms of how services are licensed, and how artists and songwriters get paid. Get to grips with it all via our concise user-friendly guide to digital licensing and streaming royalties - explained in full in just ten steps.
Thursday 30 Apr | BOOK TICKETS
What are the tools, tactics, channels and platforms utilised by the music industry when promoting artists, releases and events in 2020? This webinar provides a speedy overview of the modern music marketing toolkit and the ten main tools inside.
Tuesday 5 May | BOOK TICKETS
Sometimes the music industry licenses through direct deals, other times it employs the collective licensing approach. Fully understand how collective licensing works - in the UK and around the world - in this user-friendly easy-to-follow webinar.
Wednesday 6 May | BOOK TICKETS
Streaming is a revenue share game, with digital dollars shared out each month between artists, songwriters, labels and publishers. We explain how the money is currently split up and talk through why some people in the industry believe a different approach is needed.
Thursday 7 May | BOOK TICKETS
In the same way the shift to streams has changed the way labels release and market new music, the way they monetise catalogue recordings has changed too. Probably more so. This webinar puts the spotlight on catalogue marketing and what it involves in 2020.
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CMU launches special series of Lockdown Webinars
CMU Insights has today announced a special series of webinars for music people during lockdown providing insightful, easy-to-follow, super-timely guides to music rights, music marketing, the digital market, record deals, and much more.

Each session will be led by CMU's Chris Cooke, who says: "We've had webinar versions of our music business training courses for a while now, but since the COVID-19 lockdown began we've been approached by numerous people looking for extra opportunities to learn online. Which is why we've put together this special series".

"Each webinar will be punchy, timely and really easy to follow, with opportunities to ask questions about the topic being discussed", he goes on. "We'll also include a five minute summary of the biggest music business news story of the day, helping people stay connected to the wider music industry while everyone is working remotely".

Nine Lockdown Webinars are on sale as follows:

Making Money From Music Copyright
Tuesday 21 Apr

Streaming Explained - The Digital Market In 2020
Wednesday 22 Apr

The Evolution Of Record Deals
Thursday 23 Apr

Music Rights Data Made Simple
Tuesday 28 Apr

Streaming Explained - How Digital Licensing Works
Wednesday 29 Apr

Music Marketing - Toolkit & Tactics
Thursday 30 Apr

Collective Licensing Explained - Get Played, Get Paid
Tuesday 5 May

Streaming Explained - How Money Gets Shared
Wednesday 6 May

The Evolution Of Catalogue Marketing
Thursday 7 May

For this special series, CMU has cut its training prices in half to make the webinars as accessible as possible. Further discounts are also available for bulk-buy bookings and premium CMU subscribers.

Cooke concludes: "Hopefully lockdown will be over as soon as possible, so artists can get back on stage and into the studio, fans can return to their favourite venues and record shops, and the music industry can rebuild. Having a workforce that understands the ins and outs of the wider music business - and is fully up to speed with all the latest industry developments - will really benefit that process. And that's where we hope our Lockdown Seminars can help".


Warner's Arts Music partners with Fred Rogers Productions
Warner Music Group's Arts Music division has entered into a new partnership with American not-for-profit children's TV company Fred Rogers Productions to release music for its animated series 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'.

Based on 'Mr Rogers' Neighborhood', a show presented by the late Fred Rogers that ran for more than 30 years on US TV, 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' uses characters from the original show to continue to teach young children about emotions and respect. It first aired in 2012 and will return for its fifth series this summer.

"I grew up watching 'Mr Rogers' Neighborhood' and always admired the values of kindness, respect, learning, friendship, fun, and imagination that Fred Rogers conveyed to children in such a personal way", says Arts Music President Kevin Gore.

"I'm THRILLED to be able to be a part of continuing his legacy through our partnership with Fred Rogers Productions for 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'", he goes on. "A show that perfectly blends the nostalgic with the modern while emphasising those timeless values. In the same way that Fred's music helped amplify these positive messages in his original show, the songs from 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' will delight, comfort and inspire children and families for many years to come".

CEO of Fred Rogers Productions, Paul Siefken, adds: "Music has always been a key part of 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'. It's what helps make the parenting strategies featured in each episode of the series so effective and useful for pre-schoolers and families in their everyday lives. We are excited about teaming up with Warner Music Group's Arts Music division to help make these songs and prosocial lessons from the show accessible to even more young fans and their families in neighbourhoods all across the globe".

Very well known in the US, Fred Rogers - who died in 2003 - was recently brought to wider international attention when played by Tom Hanks in the film 'A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood'. He was also recently memorialised in the 2018 documentary 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'


IMPALA launches website to map COVID-19 support for music sector across Europe
Following the publication of its ten point COVID-19 crisis plan last month, IMPALA has now launched a new website offering an overview of action being taken across Europe to address the impact of the pandemic on the music sector.

The pan-European indie label trade body's mapping research finds that most European governments have now implemented some sort of economic response to the COVID-19 crisis. However, it says, there are large discrepancies between countries. In many places music companies are not eligible for general support schemes, and there is still a lack of specific support for the music community from the EU and most European governments.

"The aim of our mapping is to promote best practices and co-ordination in Europe", says Francesca Trainini, Chair of IMPALA and its Covid-19 Taskforce. "We want to see artists and freelance workers preserve their livelihood, and independent music companies stay in business and continue investing".

IMPALA's Executive Chair Helen Smith adds: "Many countries need to do more, in particular as regards specific action for music and culture. As well as EU and national measures, our mapping focuses on action taken by collecting societies, digital services and national media. This is a key part of our crisis plan where we expect to see further developments".

You can peruse IMPALA's COVID-19 website here.


Eventbrite axes 45% of its staff to save money during the COVID-19 crisis
As the entire ticketing business deals with the impact of the COVID-19 shutdown of live entertainment, Eventbrite yesterday announced a radical downsizing of the company which will see its global workforce reduced by 45%. Sources say that the music part of its business will be hardest hit.

In a statement to investors, the publicly listed Eventbrite said that the downsizing would "better position the company to weather the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic". The lay-offs and other cost-saving measures are "expected to yield at least $100 million in annualised expense savings". Senior staff, including CEO Julia Hartz, will also take pay cuts.

Commenting in those cuts, Hartz said: "The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption to the live entertainment and experiences economy and we are taking significant action to navigate this unprecedented time. We are saddened to see many members of our team depart the company and we are supporting them in every way we possibly can during this tumultuous time".

She added: "I want to personally thank our talented and dedicated teammates for contributing towards building the leading platform for independent creators".


Following explosive lawsuit, Paradigm boss announces million dollar relief fund for laid-off staff
The boss of talent agency Paradigm, Sam Gores, has launched a new relief fund to support staff members laid off as a result of the coronavirus crisis, while also apologising to his team about way the firm's rapid and severe COVID-19 measures were implemented last month.

It's been widely reported that up to 250 staff members were temporarily laid off by Paradigm in the US as the COVID-19 shutdown began. Although most talent and booking agencies have had to make difficult decisions in recent weeks, there was particular criticism of the way the layoffs were instigated at Paradigm and the impact it would have on those employees' health insurance. So much so that healthcare cover for those affected was quickly extended.

Then last week one of those employees laid off, long-time Paradigm agent Debbee Klein, filed an explosive lawsuit further criticising the agency and Gores personally over their response to the COVID-19 crisis, while also making an assortment of other allegations about the CEO's conduct and management of the firm.

Although Paradigm and Gores insist that Klein's allegations are "false, frivolous and scurrilous", the agency seemingly acknowledges that it didn't handle last month's layoffs as well as it could.

In a memo to staff that's been published by Pollstar, Gores writes that - while the "hard and painful" layoffs were "vital" given the impact of the COVID-19 shutdown on the music, movie and TV sectors which account for a significant portion of Paradigm's business, "I realise that the way the message was conveyed to you lacked compassion and made you feel alienated".

The memo goes on: "From the beginning, we have considered these layoffs temporary and it bears repeating that our intention is to bring as many of you back as possible. Over the past weeks, we have been working to mitigate the effects of these temporary layoffs and provide extended benefits, comfort, and assistance as we prepare for this pandemic to end and go back to work as a community at the agency I'm proud to call my home".

The key scheme to mitigate those effects is a new $1.1 million employee relief fund, more details of which should be with affected staff members by tomorrow at the latest. Healthcare cover has also been extended to the end of June and Gores says, on that point, "we will continue to monitor the situation closely".

Elsewhere in the memo Gores reveals that the agency has "secured interim financing that will provide a bridge through this global crisis", that he himself will forego his salary for at least the rest of the year, and "like all other agencies industry wide, staff above coordinator level are working at reduced wages until business picks up again".

The memo concludes: "I am deeply sorry about the financial impact this crisis has had on so many of our colleagues, friends, and families as we confront one of the most urgent health and economic challenges of the modern era".


Approved: Jonah Yano
Originally from Japan, Jonah Yano moved to Canada as a child following the separation of his parents. Playing piano and guitar, he began posting songs online in 2016, formally releasing his debut single - 'Rolex, The Ocean' - in 2018.

Following a handful more singles, last year he released his excellent 'Nervous' EP, which includes a collaboration with BadBadNotGood on the title track.

Later last year, Yano returned to Japan to see his father, Tatsuya Muraoka, for the first time in fifteen years. As part of this reunion they worked on a song together titled 'Shoes', which has now been released as the first single from his debut album 'Souvenir'.

The basis for the track is a recording of Muraoka and his band performing live at a bar in Hiroshima at some point in the late 90s. Yano then added his own vocals in the gaps left between his father's singing.

"The song in my dad's Japanese lyrics is about a pair of shoes he bought me when I was a kid", Yano explains. "My verses question his absence from my childhood and my general confusion about my circumstance, which was a fatherless upbringing in an entirely different country as a result of my parents' separation".

The catharsis in uniting this old song about a moment in Yano's childhood with feelings that have swum around his head for almost as long is apparent, despite its relaxed sound. And as Yano synchronises with Muraoaka's vocals later in the track, there is a palpable emotion in the new event that this captures. What is also striking is how well this seemingly incongruous piece of music fits with the rest of Yano's catalogue.

'Souvenir' is set for release on 19 Jun. Watch the video for 'Shoes' here.

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John Prine's wife issues statement following musician's death from COVID-19
Following the death of John Prine earlier this week, his wife and manager Fiona Whelan Prine has issued a statement, urging people to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously. Prior to his death, Prine spent nearly two weeks in intensive care being treated for the disease.

"We have no words to describe the grief our family is experiencing at this time", she writes. "John was the love of my life and adored by our sons Jody, Jack and Tommy, daughter-in-law Fanny, and by our grandchildren".

"John contracted COVID-19 and in spite of the incredible skill and care of his medical team at Vanderbilt [Medical Center in Nashville] he could not overcome the damage this virus inflicted on his body", she continues. "I sat with John - who was deeply sedated - in the hours before he passed and will be forever grateful for that opportunity".

In recent weeks Whelan Prine has been particularly critical on social media of US President Donald Trump's response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Her statement goes on: "My dearest wish is that people of all ages take this virus seriously and follow guidelines set by [US public health institute the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention]. We send our condolences and love to the thousands of other American families who are grieving the loss of loved ones at this time - and to so many other families across the world".

John Prine, of course, was very influential, and considered by many to be one of the great American songwriters, including by peers like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen.

"We are crushed by the loss of John Prine", said Springsteen on Twitter. "John and I were 'New Dylans' together in the early 70s and he was never anything but the loveliest guy in the world. A true national treasure and a songwriter for the ages".


Self Esteem announces new EP, Cuddles Please
Self Esteem has announced new EP 'Cuddles Please', a companion to last year's debut album 'Compliments Please'. Recorded with Sheffield-based choir Neighbourhood Voices, it features new versions of three tracks from the album, plus a cover of Alex Cameron's 'Miami Memory'.

"After doing a run of special stripped back shows, I thought it would be nice to record some of the songs that work best in that format", says Rebecca Lucy Taylor, aka Self Esteem. "I really love to sing the songs in their birthday suits. Neighbourhood Voices had been learning some of the songs anyway and suggested singing with me live and of course I jumped at the chance to have 30 women singing my feelings with me".

You can listen to the first track from the EP, 'Favourite Problem (Alternate Version)', now.



Rufus Wainwright, Alfie Boe, Baxter Drury and Idlewild's Roddy Woomble are among the artists announced for a series of virtual concerts from the Royal Albert Hall, beamed to the internet live from the performers' homes. The performances aim to raise funds for the charity-run London venue while it remains closed.

Calvin Harris will headline the third edition of Defected Records' virtual festival - the Defected Virtual Festival - taking place tomorrow. The event will raise money for the World Health Organisation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.



TikTok has launched a series of live performances by musicians during lockdown. Ellie Goulding was the first last night, with Ashnikko, Mabel, Tinie Tempah and Jax Jones all coming up. "We're proud to be collaborating with some of Britain's top music talent, giving fans an all-access-pass to their favourite artist's living room - all from the comfort of their own home", says TikTok's UK Head Of Music Operations Paul Hourican.



BBC Radio 6 Music has announced that it will air a day of special programming about and related to Record Store Day on 18 Apr - the day on which the event was originally due to take place this year.

Max Richter's eight hour lullaby 'Sleep' will be aired on BBC Radio 3, starting at 11pm this Saturday. It will also be simultaneously broadcast to other countries within the European Broadcasting Union. "Five years ago I wrote 'Sleep' as an invitation to pause our busy lives for a moment", says Richter. "Now we are all facing an unexpected and unwelcome pause. At this time the magical ability of creativity to elevate our days and to connect us with one another is more valuable than ever".



Tones & I has released the video for new single 'Bad Child'. "I've always wanted to write a song in someone's else's shoes; writing from their perspective", she says. "'Bad Child' was the first time I got to do that. It's seeing life growing up through someone else's eyes".

Kojey Radical has released new single 'Proud Of You'. "I always seem to forget to reflect and really consider how far I've come since I started", he says. "The pace of life never really gave me the opportunity to. With all the chaos going on I felt like this song is a perfect way to help remind people to consider what makes you proud of you".

Aphex Twin has uploaded six new tracks to his SoundCloud profile.

Baauer has announced that he will release new album 'Planet's Mad' on 5 Jun. Here's the title track.

Ezra Furman has released a new collection of demos recorded during the making of his 2018 album 'Transangelic Exodus' on Bandcamp, titled 'To Them We'll Always Be Freaks'. Money raised will be split between Furman's band and tour crew, following the cancellation of their tour dates due to COVID-19.

Avey Tare has released new single 'Wake My Door'.

NZCA Lines has released the video for new single 'Pure Luxury'. Here's the title track.

Baths has released new track 'Mikaela Corridor', taken from new compilation 'Pop Music / False B-Sides II', which is out on 29 May.

Ohmme have released new single 'Ghost'. The duo's album 'Fantasize Your Ghost' is out on 5 Jun.

Attawalpa has released the video for new single 'Go To The Moon', taken from his new EP 'Spells'. "I strive to make music I will want to listen to in the next life", he says. "I feel music has the power to help one travel through time and realms. Music is magic".

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Randy Newman offers COVID-19 advice in song
We've seen a whole load of COVID-19 related songs come out over the last few weeks. Thankfully, Randy Newman has written one now, so everyone else can stop.

The song was written for Californian public radio station KPCC. In a video posted on YouTube, Newman jokes that he was originally asked to say a few words on the subject of social distancing, "because of my scientific background - apparently there's some disease that's going around". But, he says, "I wrote a song instead".

Titled 'Stay Away', the song is actually quite a sweet ode to being cooped up with your family, in which he sings: "I'm gonna be with you 24 hours a day / A lot of people couldn't stand that / But you can / You'll be with me 24 hours a day / What a lucky man I am".

He also has advice for parents, singing at the end of the song: "If the kids are frightened, tell them not to be afraid / But don't let them touch your face".

Yesterday a two year old spat into my mouth. Newman doesn't mention anything to help with that.

Anyway, here's the song.


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