The Great Escape is here! The music industry is in Brighton once again for four days of great music, great conversations, great insights and lots more.

CMU is hosting the core strands of the TGE Conference, putting the spotlight on music and education, music and deals, and music and the creator economy.

Here in the CMU Daily this week we are providing daily updates on what to expect, as well as recommending some artists to check out while you are in Brighton, plus there'll be some streamlined coverage of the latest developments in music and the music business.

Check out all the latest job opportunities with CMU Jobs. To advertise your job opportunities here email [email protected] or call 020 7099 9060.
Full Time Hobby Music is an umbrella group covering the record labels Full Time Hobby and Hassle Records, along with publishing and management. FTHM is looking for a new member of staff to cover it’s online mail order business for D2C sales to fans via Bandcamp and Shopify using the ShipStation system.

For more info and to apply click here.
Y Royalties is looking for a detail orientated individual with a keen interest in the workings of the music industry and the ability to leverage significant quantities of data to provide meaningful analysis.

For more info and to apply click here.
Night Department is a London-based management company operating in the electronic music industry. It is looking for an ambitious, driven and dedicated Digital & Social Marketing Manager who is extremely passionate about the company's roster.

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The AEG Presents International Touring team are looking for a Tours Director. You’ll be responsible for overseeing and project managing multiple international Artist arena and stadium-sized tours from start to finish, including coordination between artist teams, local partners, venues, and production teams throughout the life cycle of a tour.

For more info and to apply click here.
The AEG Presents International Touring team are looking for someone to head up their international ticketing department. You’ll build out the Ticketing team by recruiting and onboarding the right people at the right time to assist with the ticketing needs of the International Touring Team.

For more info and to apply click here.
Hawkr is a revolutionary new way of buying and selling music merchandise at live gigs. Hawkr is expanding rapidly and searching for an Artist & Festival Onboarding Manager to lead on recruiting and onboarding artists and festivals to the platforms and managing campaigns through.

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The Halls, Wolverhampton, AEG Presents newest venue, is seeking an Assistant Production Manager. Alongside the Production Manager you’ll be responsible for assisting and in the absence of the Production Manager oversee the technical aspects of a production.

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The Halls, Wolverhampton, AEG Presents newest venue, is seeking an Assistant Box Office Manager. You’ll assist and in the absence of the Box Office Manager oversee all aspects of The Halls Wolverhampton Box Office.

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The Halls, Wolverhampton, AEG Presents newest venue, is seeking a Senior Venue Manager. The Senior Venue Manager and their team are responsible for the efficient and safe running of the venue, as well as supporting with the growth of the business through developing relationships across a variety of event types that can be accommodated within two intimate venues.

For more info and to apply click here.
The Halls, Wolverhampton, AEG Presents newest venue, is seeking a Marketing Executive. You’ll assist with setting up new show announcements across venue websites and social channels, with particular focus on The Halls Wolverhampton.

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Today's CMU+TGE focus is music and deals, presented in association with beatBread. Tapping into CMU Insights research, we are looking at deal-making across the music industry in 2023, including the deals done between artists and their business partners, and between the industry and other businesses making use of music.

We began the day by discussing what music-makers who are running their own artist businesses need from their industry partners - including money, marketing and infrastructure - and what assets they have to offer those partners - including rights, revenues and reach. We will then look at the different options now available to artists and the deals they may seek to negotiate.

Either side of lunchtime are today's keynote conversations.

At 12.45pm, promoter and Afro Nation co-founder Smade will tell the story of the creation, evolution and global expansion of the Afro Nation festival, and his work promoting and supporting afrobeats music and culture via his Smade Entertainment business.

And then at 2.00pm Ticketmaster's EVP of Global Music David Marcus will discuss the latest trends, innovations and opportunities in the live music and ticketing sector, including how new data technologies and services can help promoters, venues and artists better plan and market their shows, and build stronger connections with their audiences.

In the afternoon, we'll move onto the deals done between the music industry and users of music. We'll look at the latest music consumption trends and ask what impact they will have on the industry's digital deals in the future - and we'll investigate how samples and interpolations are delivering new licensing opportunities for songwriters and music publishers.

All of this happens in Conference 1 at the Leonardo Royal Waterfront hotel.


Tomorrow's CMU+TGE focus is music and the creator economy, presented in association with Songkick. Tapping into CMU Insights research, we will provide an overview of the wider creator economy in 2023, and discuss where music and music-makers fit into all that.

We'll then dissect and discuss the growing number of tools, platforms and market-places being used by creators of music to write, record and iterate music, to facilitate collaborations, and to generate new income from their creative expertise. And we'll look at what being part of the creator economy can mean for musicians – as both creators and consumers.

Plus, what are the rights and licensing implications when music-makers collaborate online, and buy and sell beats, stems and samples.

Among other people, we will hear from Dann Liebermann at The Elements Music, Gareth Halsall at Beatport, Hannah Joseph at Decibelle, Iman Habibi Shad at Beatlift, and Nick Eziefula at Simkins.

At lunchtime we will once again present some keynote conversations. Joining us on stage will be Holly Bishop, Chief Operating & Commercial Officer of NME Networks. She will discuss how mass content creation has completely changed the landscape of music media, and what tactics NME Networks has adopted to become even more crucial in artist discovery.

In the afternoon, we'll review the digital tools and platforms that help frontline artists - and other creators in and beyond music - to grow their fanbases and monetise the fan relationship. Plus, what can the music community learn from online creators on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, and what can the online creators learn from the music industry?

Among those joining the discussions will be Alex Lee Thomson from Green House Group, Corbyn Asbury from YouTube, George James from Be-Hookd Digital, Stephanie Adamu from Empire, Lucy von Hagen from Playliveartist, and Rhia Patel from Songkick.

All of this happens in Conference 1 at the Leonardo Royal Waterfront hotel.

And don't forget, there is also a packed programme of panels, workshops, parties and networking events presented by TGE's industry partners. Check out the official TGE app for more information on all of those.


Playlist: The Great Escape 2023
With the Great Escape Conference now into its second day, today the festival side of the event kicks off with hundreds of acts performing in venues all over the city.

We've picked out a handful of the artists we're most excited to see and are sharing them with you here in the CMU Daily, along with a track to check out from each of them.

Listen to all of our selections in this Spotify playlist, and read on to find out more about our next five picks…

Luci - Ash & Dust
After spending time developing her style under the radar, Luci arrived with her debut single 'Ash & Dust' last summer, a quick blast of punchy aggression with influences that span Lil Wayne to Bring Me The Horizon.
Patterns Downstairs, Thu 11 May, 21.00-21.30
Charles Street Tap, Fri 12 May, 23.00-23.30

O - Ogo
Saxophonist Joseph Henwood and drummer Tash Keary have built themselves a fierce reputation through their live shows - helped by Black Midi, who invited them on tour after only two gigs. Their one single 'Ogo' gives you all the information you need about why you should go and see them.
TGE Beach Stage, Thu 11 May, 21.15-21.45

Lvra - Venom
Winner of the inaugural Sound Of Young Scotland Award at the 2021 Scottish Album Of The Year ceremony, alt-pop artist Lvra's sound draws on pop, R&B, trap, hip hop and experimental electronic music. She's released a steady stream of music over the last few years - most recently her mini-album 'Soft Like Steel' in March.
Latest Music Bar, Fri 12 May, 01.15-01.45

Albertine Sarges - Bird's Life
Wildly creative singer-songwriter Albertine Sarges first wowed us while touring her debut album 'The Sticky Fingers' in 2021. Last year she returned with new EP 'Family Of Things' and we can't wait to see how those songs translate to the stage.
Patterns Upstairs, Fri 12 May, 15.15-15.45
Patterns Downstairs, Sat 13 May, 15.25-15.55

Anna B Savage - The Ghost (pictured)
One of our very favourite new artists of recent years, Anna B Savage recently released her second album 'in|FLUX', which builds on the diary-like collection of folk songs featured on her debut 'A Common Turn'. A fantastic performer, there are three chances to see her this weekend.
Queens Hotel, Fri 12 May, 15.30-16.00
Patterns Upstairs, Sat 13 May, 12.15-12.45
Komedia Basement, Sat 13 May, 15.00-15.45

Ed Sheeran says he "had to take a stand" against song-theft accusation
Ed Sheeran has said that he felt that he "had to take a stand" against claims that he ripped off Marvin Gaye song 'Let's Get It On' when he wrote his 2014 song 'Thinking Out Loud', even though doing so meant that he was forced to miss his grandmother's funeral.

"I'm really glad it's over, man", he told Howard Stern on his Sirius XM show. Acknowledging the length of time it took for the case to get to trial, he went on: "It was eight years of that. This is my livelihood and the thing I've worked my entire life to do, and to have someone disbelieve it and to diminish it, I really felt like I had to take a stand".

Highlighting his defence in the case against the estate of 'Let's Get It On' co-writer Ed Townsend, he played a portion of a medley he also performed during the recent trial in the New York courts, running through other songs that used the same chord sequence that he was accused of stealing in the court case, including Rod Stewart's 'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You' and The Temptations' 'My Girl'.

"There were 101 songs [we found with that chord progression] and that was scratching the surface", he explained. "Yes, it's a chord sequence that you hear on successful songs, but if you say that a song in 1973 owns this, then what about all the songs that came before? We found songs from like the 1700s that had similar melodic stuff. And then there were huge songs in the 50s and huge songs in the 60s".

"No one's saying that songs shouldn't be copyrighted", he added. "But you just can't copyright a chord sequence".

In many cases such as this, artists often choose to settle out of court - as indeed Sheeran has himself in the past. Speaking about why an artist might decide not to let a song-theft case go to trial, he said: "Either way you lose, because you spend god knows what to win the case, and you don't get that back - and if you lose the case, you lose".

"Then there's also the stain on your reputation", he went on. "For the whole of your life there's always a question mark. The headline of 'Ed Sheeran stole this', that doesn't go away. So you have to take that risk of [going] really public with this, take it to court, and hope for the best, basically".

During the trial, Sheeran told the court that if he lost he would quit songwriting altogether - something few believed, including the opposing side, who said as much in their closing statement. However, he insisted that he was serious, telling Stern: "I really honestly think I would have [quit] because it just takes the joy out of it if you can't sit down and you can't use a G chord to a C chord because someone did it in the 60s … it just sucks the fun out of it".

He also spoke about the fact that taking the stand in the trial had led to him missing his grandmother's funeral. Sheeran said that he had expected the trial to conclude with just enough time to travel to Ireland for the funeral, but that this had ultimately not been possible due to the Townsend side unexpectedly calling his manager to testify.

"It's a shame", he said. "I won't get that time back. She was a great woman".

It's not yet clear if the Townsend estate will appeal the decision made in court last week - although appeal judges tend to be more cautious than juries in cases such as this, so it seems unlikely that the ruling would be overturned.

There is also another case currently going through the motions relating to the same specific claim that 'Thinking Out Loud' infringes 'Let's Get It On', filed by an entity that has a share in the latter song's copyright. It remains to be seen what impact last week's judgement has on that case.

Watch Sheeran's interview with Howard Stern here.



Nia Archives has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Warner Chappell. "Last year was a mad one for me and I am gassed to kick off 2023 by signing with Warner Chappell", she says. "[The] team have been super supportive of my music and I'm excited for the next chapter with an amazing publisher on board".



Bauer Media has appointed Simon Myciunka as CEO of Bauer Media Audio UK. "Simon brings the ideal mix of skills to take the business forward to meet its next set of ambitions as we not only strengthen our position in live broadcast radio but also exploit all the opportunities that digital presents to deepen our relationships with audiences and commercial partners alike, ensuring we have a vibrant and inclusive culture that enables everyone to do their best work", says Richard Dawkins, President of Audio at Bauer Media Group.



Dolly Parton has announced that she will release her promised rock album 'Rockstar' on 17 Nov. Across 30 tracks it includes guest appearances from artists including Elton John, Sting, Lizzo, Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Debbie Harry, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. "I'm so excited to finally present my first rock and roll album 'Rockstar'", says Parton. "I am very honoured and privileged to have worked with some of the greatest iconic singers and musicians of all time and to be able to sing all the iconic songs throughout the album was a joy beyond measure". Here's first single 'World On Fire'.

Killer Mike has released new track 'Motherless', featuring Eryn Allen Kane, from his upcoming solo album 'Michael'. "When I first played [producer No ID] the album he said two things - one of which was that I was essentially holding something back and that was the song 'Motherless'", he says. "It was the last song made for the album because I hadn't uttered these words ['my momma dead'] out loud since her transitioning".

Arlo Parks has released new single 'Pegasus', featuring Phoebe Bridgers. "'Pegasus' is about experiencing the warmth and lightness of good love for the first time", says Parks. "It also explores how the absence of chaos and the presence of real connection can be a little bit terrifying after a long time of not having it". Her new album 'My Soft Machine' is out on 26 May.

The Pretenders will release new album 'Relentless' on 1 Sep. Out now is new single 'Let The Sun Come In'. The band will headline The Great Escape in Brighton tomorrow night.

Devildriver have released new single 'This Relationship, Broken'. New album 'Dealing With Demons Vol 2' is out tomorrow. Says frontman Dez Fafara: "'This Relationship, Broken' explores the severance that happens between two long time partners when they leave each other after years of turmoil". Fafara has also announced that he will publish the first part of a two part autobiography, titled 'Loco: Chaos, Calamity, And Coal Chamber', on 5 Sep.

Jenny Lewis has released new single 'Giddy Up'. Her new album 'Joy'all' is out on 9 Jun.

Future Utopia has released new single 'Make It Home', featuring Tomi. "We wrote this in a day and spent most of the time laughing and joking", says Fraser T Smith. "I'd never forgotten the track and really wanted to reimagine it for a Future Utopia release". New EP 'We Were We Still Are' is out on 23 Jun.



Feist will bring her 360° immersive sound 'Multitudes' live show to the UK and Ireland later this year, including a performance at the Roundhouse in London on 9 Sep. Tickets go on general sale tomorrow.

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