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Approved: Dirty Beaches

By | Published on Tuesday 19 August 2014

Dirty Beaches

One of the highlights of the Visions festival in London earlier this month, Dirty Beaches, aka Alex Zhang Hungtai, yesterday premiered the first track from his third album, ‘Stateless’.

Last year’s ‘Drifter/Love Is The Devil’ was split into two parts. The first dropped further into the dystopian 50s nightmare found on 2011’s ‘Badlands’, all oppressively repetitive drum machine patterns and echoes of the safety of rock n roll. The second switched to a different sound, with more open but still sprawling, drum-less instrumentals.

‘Stateless’, which is due for release though Zoo Music on 3 Nov, sticks with the instrumental theme. However, lead track ‘Displaced’ does bring back some of the feel of his earlier work with claustrophobic stabs of saxophone and violin vibrating throughout its seven and a half minutes. And at the end of its time, the track does leave you feeling a bit as the title suggests.

Listen to ‘Displaced’ here: