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Approved: Peluché – The Guy With The Gammy Eye

By | Published on Tuesday 14 July 2015


As we’ve almost certainly mentioned at least once before, Speedy Wunderground is a rather marvellous label which encourages artists to record in a speedy fashion, capturing the moment as it were.

Led by producer Dan Carey, recordings takes place in a single day and mixing the day after, with a vinyl release then following as soon as is humanly possible (which is where things can get less speedy, given the tedious queue to get on vinyl presses these days).

The latest release on the label was seemingly the speediest to date, with Team Wunderground first hearing ‘The Guy With The Gammy Eye’ by South Londoners Peluché, catching a live show and getting them into the studio all in the space of a week.

The resulting track is really rather good, with a very sleepy feel at the outset before fully bursting into life about 90 seconds in. Though the dreamy feel is kept throughout, driven by a rolling drum beat and heart-quickening bass line. Another fine addition to the Speedy Wunderground oeuvre then. It’s out on vinyl on 10 Aug, but can be streamed here now.