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Approved: Wednesday Campanella

By | Published on Monday 7 November 2016

Wednesday Campanella

Last time I wrote about Suiyoubi No Campanella, or Wednesday Campanella as they’re now calling themselves outside Japan (since their first US show at SXSW this year), they were a prolific indie outfit. In a relatively short space of time, they’ve become a glitzy major label project, releasing latest album ‘UMA’ through Warner Music, performing with J-pop royalty SMAP, and advertising the Toyota Pruis.

Thankfully, none of their creativity has been lost during this period (the shift to something more polished actually began on their last album for indie label Tsubaba). Released in the summer, ‘UMA’ is a great album that went some way towards fashioning a more defined sound for the trio. But now they’re already on track with new music that unravels that all again.

New single ‘Aladdin’ is an upbeat, fun track that goes funkier than any of the music on ‘UMA’, reminiscent at times of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Singer/rapper KOM_I confidently nails her vocal to the track, and provides a typically innovative dance routine.

Watch the video for ‘Aladdin’ here:

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