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Boy George comments on him thieving Tom Jones’ Voice seat (sort of)

By | Published on Tuesday 18 August 2015

Boy George

So, having stayed utterly silent on the scandal of the century for a whole weekend, Boy George finally took to the internet yesterday to explain just how he had the nerve to steal Tom Jones’s seat on that top BBC show ‘The Voice’.

As you’ll remember, because we specifically made sure yesterday’s CMU Daily went out late so that it would be super fresh in your memory when you arrived at this ‘and finally’ story, the BBC last week announced the line up of judges-come-coaches for the next edition of its singing contest, revealing that George and Paloma Faith would be joining the show.

Given there was only actually one position vacant on the ‘Voice UK’ judging team, that meant one of the incumbents was out of a job. But who could have predicted it was Tom Jones? Not Tom Jones, that’s for certain, who complained that he was given less than a days notice that he was being axed before George was announced as his replacement on the programme. There had been “no consultation or conversation of any kind” Jones said.

So what have you got to say about all that, Mr so called Boy George? “I have absolute respect for Tom Jones” said he, once that deafening silence had been broken. “The man is an absolute legend” he added. “Huge fan” he concluded. Oh, well that’s alright then. Consider the matter closed Let’s all agree to never mention it again.

Though, if you’ll let me breach that agreement for the slightest moment, I might mention that a BBC spokesman has responded to Jones’s complaint that he was treated pretty badly over all this.

“The final decision on the coaches’ line-up for series five of ‘The Voice’ was only taken on Wednesday” the BBC drone bleats via Digital Spy, “and Tom’s team was informed early yesterday morning”. Why so little time between that and the big announcement about the new judges? “We announced it to the press so that it didn’t leak. This has been the same every year and no role was ever promised”.

Oh, I see, it was all the press’s fault. Well, we’ll just sit here tightly until the press takes to Twitter to respond.