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CMU’s One Liners: Eventim, Concert Promoters Association, Prince, more

By and | Published on Tuesday 15 December 2015


Other notable announcements and developments today…

• Simon Presswell, formerly top man at Ticketmaster UK, has just popped up as CEO at the UK arm of European ticketing giant Eventim. “Ticketing”, said overall Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg. Yeah, we get it.

• The long-standing boss of the Concert Promoters Association, Stuart Littlewood, has stepped down after fifteen years. Live Nation’s Phil Bowdery takes over. “Phil Bowdery”, said Littlewood, confirming this one liner to be the truth.

• You all know that Prince has gone and plonked a new album down on the internet right? And by ‘the internet’ I mean Tidal. Titled ‘HITnRUN Phase Two’, this one isn’t yet being sold on CD by the streaming service, but you can get MP3 or FLAC downloads if you insist.

• If you pre-order Pusha T’s new album now, you’ll get three instant grat tracks. The rest will come to you on Friday.

• Aurora has announced that she will release her debut album, ‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’ on 11 Mar. Here’s a short video in which she talks a bit about her music making.

• Once, in about 1999, in the Blue Note in Derby, I pointed out Roy Wood at the bar to a friend. Said friend then went and asked him if he wished it could be Christmas every day. And now look, MJ Hibbett has released a song about what a common occurrence that was back then.

• I know what you’re thinking. Roy Wood seemed to take it in good humour, even smiling like it wasn’t the seventh time he’d heard it that night.

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