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CMU’s One Liners: In which we discover who Hannah Diamond is and who Beth Jeans Houghton isn’t, plus some other stuff

By | Published on Wednesday 4 February 2015

Hannah Diamond

Other notable announcements and developments today…

• Who is Hannah Diamond? Yes, she is one constituent of the district of PC Music. But who is she really? If only she would launch a new web series to explain. She has?! Oh my God, I actually knew that all along, losers.

• Beth Jeans Houghton is now Ex Jeans Houghton, because she is ditching that name in everything but anything that isn’t the name of her new musical project. By which I mean, her name is still Beth Jeans Houghton but she’ll release music as Du Blonde now. And if there’s a simpler way to say all that, I don’t know what it is. Album: In the spring. Label: Mute. Teaser video: Here.

• You know that song that Rihanna did with Paul McCartney and Kanye West that you insisted on telling everyone was shit? Well it wasn’t as bad as all that. It’s not amazing, but Rihanna’s singing is quite good. Not really sure what the point of the other two is though. Anyway, there’s a video now, and they’re going to perform the song at the Grammy Awards.

• Back last year, Say Lou Lou said that they would release their album on 2 Feb. Well that was a lie, because now they’re saying it’s out on 6 Apr. Not sure I can trust them anymore. I mean, who’s to say they really will play a show at Heaven on 8 Apr? Or that this is their new single, ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’?

• Mercury Prize winners Young Fathers have announced that they will release a new album, titled ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’ on 6 Apr. The first single is called ‘Rain Or Shine’. It’s not a cover of the Five Star song, but don’t let that put you off, it’s still good.

• There’s a video for that new Mew single now. Mew are bloody brilliant.

• John Grant is going to play a London show on 12 Nov at the Hammersmith Apollo. Which is very good news indeed. John Grant is flippin great. Tickets will go on sale here on Friday.

• Korn have announced that they will play a show in London to mark the 20th anniversary of the first anniversary of their debut album coming out. The album came out in 1994, see? And they’re playing a 20th anniversary show in 2015. 21st anniversaries are a thing, you know! Anyway, they’ll play ‘Korn’ in full at Brixton Academy on 16 Jul.

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