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CMU’s One Liners: PRS Foundation, Kendrick Lamar, Aretha Franklin and more

By and | Published on Friday 19 September 2014


Other notable announcements and developments today…

• The PRS For Music Foundation earlier this week confirmed a pair of new ‘hires’. Former Generator man Joe Frankland will oversee the Arts Council-backed Momentum Music Fund, amongst other things, while Flora Ward joins as an administrator.

• WiMP spin-off company Tidal, which is set to bring high quality audio streaming to the UK and US, announced earlier this week that it had hired former Viacom exec Daniel Green to oversee global marketing strategy ahead of the new service’s planned roll out.

• Aretha Franklin is to release an LP of cover songs. It will, apparently – or so says industry vet Clive Davis, who’s overseeing the release – be lead be a spin on Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’, and will be available at large on 29 Sep.

• It’s likely Kendrick Lamar is primed to release a single titled ‘i’, his first official and solo-type mark on the world since his ‘Good Kid, MAAD City’ era. The new track is set to air next week, on 23 Sep.

• ‘Hyper pop’ escapists Korallreven will, on 4 Nov, release their sophomore LP, ‘Second Comin’. Why not stream its lead single ‘Death Is Not For Us’ now via this link.

• The most post of all post-hardcore bands, Fugazi, are releasing an eleven-track demo tape dating back to 1988, when the band first became a thing. The fittingly-titled ‘First Demo’ will go on sale via Dischord Records on 18 Nov.

CMU approved Brazil rap trio Pearls Negras have chipped a new mixtape off the old block, titled ‘Nossa Gang’. A bolt-on to the band’s first song set, ‘Biggie Apple’, it can be digi-streamed here.

• Someone told E! News the other day that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s year old marriage might be ‘on the rocks’. Maybe the couple need to go back and read their own stupid, stupid, dumb and stupid list of guidelines for a happy wedded life. That, or think of the children.

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