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“Devastated” Lykke Li clears diary (for the sake of her health)

By | Published on Tuesday 6 January 2015

Lykke Li

Swedish popstar Lykke Li is taking time off from ‘the road’ (and has cancelled several international festival appearances) because, she says, she’s ill and tired. Or, in Li’s slightly more vivid words “utterly devastated”. Gosh.

In an Instagram post, the singer told fans: “Sometimes we push and push but the body simply won’t follow. I gave it all I had, my body, heart, and soul. After seven years of touring my health is screaming/begging for me to listen/heal/slow down. Thank you so much for understanding. Thank you for listening to my bleeding heart and watching me dance in the dark these past years. I love you. I will come back. Stronger. But for now my loves, I have to rest. You can’t always ‘win’… Take care of yourselves! You mean the world to me”.

This is all kind of like the time Lykke Li had a breakdown of sorts whilst shopping in M&S. Only not really, because in this case, no raspberries got spilled.