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DistroKid announces Snapchat alliance

By | Published on Tuesday 9 March 2021


Fresh from unveiling an expanded partnership with Amazon’s Twitch, DIY distributor DistroKid yesterday announced another new partnership, this time with Snapchat.

The deal allows artists distributing via DistroKid to get their music into Snapchat’s Sounds library. That’s the service Snapchat added last year to allow Snapchatters to more easily access licensed music to include in their videos, akin to the in-built music libraries offered by TikTok and Instagram Reels.

In a blog post yesterday, DistroKid founder Philip Kaplan said that anyone uploading new tracks to the distribution platform will now be given the option to include them in the Snapchat library, while they can also go back and push existing recordings into the social app too.

“It’s one of the most popular apps in the world: more than 265 million daily active users send five billion posts to each other every day”, Kaplan wrote. “We’re excited to announce a partnership with Snapchat that makes it easy for DistroKid members to get fast-tracked into the Sounds On Snapchat library”.

“Snapchat is growing their music library over time”, he added, “and we’re excited to be the only distributor that can help independent artists get added. We hope you love it, enjoy!”