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Fergie no longer in Black Eyed Peas, waffle confirms

By | Published on Friday 2 June 2017

Black Eyed Peas

Fergie’s not in Black Eyed Peas anymore, you know that right? I mean, she’s just launched a new joint venture label with BMG to put out a new solo album and sign other artists, how could she possibly have any time for all that Black Eyed Peas nonsense?

And if you’re still not convinced, her former bandmate has sort of confirmed that fact while waffling along like he does to UAE-based entertainment magazine Ahlan.

“Nobody is replacing Fergie”, he told the magazine, “[but] she’s working on her solo project at the moment, we’re on this brand-new experience, celebrating 20 years of Black Eyed Peas putting out music. We worked on a bunch of songs on her solo record, we’re proud that she has her label, but Black Eyed Peas are pushing it forward in terms of content, technology and experiences on our new project, ‘Masters Of The Sun'”.

‘Masters Of The Sun’ is a graphic novel project with Marvel Comics, by the way. In case you wondered.

In terms of music ventures, let’s not forget that the Peas have worked with plenty of female vocalists over the years other than Fergie. Referencing 2003’s ‘Elephunk’, the first BEP long player on which Fergie appeared, says “there were several females that appeared on that album. Obviously Fergie was the featured female, but on songs like ‘Let’s Get It Started’, it’s Noelle [Scaggs] … and [on] ‘Request Line,’ it’s Macy Gray. We’ll always work with good females”.

Ah, “good females”, that’s what your record needs. Apparently Nicole Scherzinger was once up for being the “featured female” on ‘Elephunk’, but that didn’t come to be and Fergie stood in. Though, turns out, Scherzinger is now involved in new Black Eye Peas material, though says he doesn’t “want to go into details about how she’s involved yet”. And please remember, “nobody is replacing Fergie”.