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Fred Durst’s first eHarmony advert appears online

By | Published on Monday 21 July 2014

Fred Durst + eHarmony

Fred Durst’s eHarmony advert is online, everyone! Yeah, you remember, the dating company hired the Limp Bizkit frontman back in May in a bid to appeal to a wider audience.

According to Ad Age, the company has quite enough people in the 25-40 age range on its books, but struggles to pull in significant numbers of members either side of that. Wanna fix that? Durst is your man. First on his list: Five year olds.

The first in a series of three adverts the rapper/singer has made shows a five year old boy trying to convince eHarmony CEO Neil Clark Warren to let him sign up to the service so that he can talk to a girl he’s already met. The message being that children are idiots who don’t understand how dating sites work. Or something.

With this clip due to start airing in the US next month, the second will apparently feature a witch and an ogre, while a third has the title ‘Bouquet’. So, those are some things to look forward to.

Says Durst: “These particular commercials are more fun than I’m used to seeing from eHarmony campaigns, but you can relate to them in a way that makes sense on many different levels for many types of people”.

Have a watch here: