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Insurers seek information about Mick Jagger’s late partner over cancelled gigs payout

By | Published on Tuesday 11 November 2014

The Rolling Stones

Insurers of the Rolling Stones tour that was cancelled after Mick Jagger’s partner L’Wren Scott died by suicide earlier this year are seeking evidence about the fashion designer’s mental health prior to her death, it has emerged.

According to the Associated Press, The Rolling Stones claimed on their $23.9 million insurance policy when L’Wren’s death caused shows in Australia to be postponed. The band and their business partners explained that Jagger was “diagnosed as suffering from acute traumatic stress disorder” after his partner’s death and was therefore advised by doctors not to perform for at least 30 days.

The band’s insurance policy seemingly included cover for show cancellation caused by a family death, with L’Wren specifically included in that category. However, underwriters have apparently argued that Scott might have been suffering from a pre-existing but undeclared mental illness at the time the insurance policy was agreed, which would, they argue, render cover in relation to her death invalid.

It’s emerged that when insurers refused to pay out on the claim relating to the postponed Australian tour the band sued in the London courts. Though the matter has come to wider attention because of legal efforts in the US by the insurers to gain papers relating to Scott’s health prior to her death.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune a court in Scott’s home state of Utah have given underwriters the OK to gather testimony and documents from her brother Randall Bambrough, though he has told the AP that he is yet to be contacted about the matter directly. The news agency, meanwhile, reckons that similar court filings have been made by the insurers to gain access to documents held by Scott’s former PA and the executor of her estate.

None of the parties in the legal dispute have commented on the latest reports. Meanwhile the Stones are midway through their rescheduled tour in Australia, though a show in Victoria had to be pulled last weekend because Jagger had a throat infection.