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Kanye West’s Yeezy company sued over slow delivery times

By | Published on Wednesday 27 October 2021

Kanye West

Yeezy Apparel – that seller of over-priced clothing and shoes led by a certain Kanye West (or Ye, if you prefer) – has been sued by various district attorneys in California for being damn shoddy when it comes to mailing out any over-priced clothing or shoes that have been bought by his Californian fans.

Because, see, Californian law is quite specific when it comes to how quickly online sellers of goods – over-priced or otherwise – must mail out any products they have sold.

In fact, says the lawsuit against Yeezy Apparel, Californian state law “requires that orders for goods or services placed over the internet must be shipped within 30 days, failing which the business in question must either provide a refund, send equivalent or superior replacement goods, or provide the buyer with a written notice regarding the delay”.

However, “defendants repeatedly violated [these rules] by failing to ship items within 30 days and failing to provide adequate delay notices to California consumers, or provide an offer of a refund”.

Not only that, “defendants also made untrue or misleading statements regarding [their] ability to ship products within a certain timeframe, particularly where customers paid an additional charge for expedited shipping, in violation of Business And Professions Code Section 17500”.

Of course, West’s fans have, over the years, learned to be patient. Very, very patient. Whether that’s patiently waiting to listen to a new record with an ever changing release date. Or patiently waiting for the long waffly mid-show monologue to end, before the rapper gets back to performing the songs you came to see him perform. Or patiently ploughing through his latest album in order to find the ten tracks that actually deserved to be there.

But, when it comes to getting the over-priced clothing and shoes you just ordered from West’s website, the law says that you only have to be so patient until your legal rights have been violated.

The district attorneys who have gone legal are seeking a court order telling Team Yeezy to get better at getting to the post office on time, while also proposing a $2500 civil penalty for each violation of Californian business rules, restitution for affected customers, and that the rapper should cover the state’s legal costs.

Elsewhere in Kanye news, his Donda Stem Player – a physical device that allows you to remix the tracks on his latest album – has been shipped out to the fans who actually forked out the $200 asking price. Whether the shipping of said gadget complied with Californian law, we don’t know.

However, one thing we do know is that there’s some extra content on there. Yes, if sorting out your own mixes of the 24 tracks on the ‘Donda’ album doesn’t seem like enough work – the player comes with three extra tracks on it.

Owners of the device also get to listen to ‘Up From The Ashes’, a version of ‘Life Of The Party’ featuring André 3000, and a version of ‘Remote Control’ featuring Kid Cudi. It’s not clear if you can simply delete most of the songs in order to get a half decent album.