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Logic tells Def Jam to pay his collaborators

By | Published on Monday 5 October 2020


Logic has hit out at his label Def Jam for disturbing his dinner. Or at least causing his dinner to be disturbed. The disturbance occurred because the label apparently hasn’t paid any of his collaborators for their work on his recent (and final) album.

The recently retired rapper posted a screengrab of a conversation he’d had with musician Kevin Randolph to Instagram on Saturday. In the string of messages, Randolph says that he hasn’t “seen a penny from the album or the sessions and that’s weird bro”.

In a lengthy plea to the Universal Music-owned label, Logic says: “Def Jam, can you please pay my friends and musicians that have made my albums great, this is ridiculous at this point! I shouldn’t be getting calls from close friends of mine in the middle of dinner with my wife about how YOU haven’t paid them from the budget you’ve given me for this album”.

As well as Randolph, he says that producers 6ix and Like, vocalist Lil Keke, and DJ Rhetorik have also gone as yet unpaid.

“These are just the calls I’ve received”, he says. “I don’t even know who else of my friendships you’re fuckin up! This has got to be the sixth call I’ve received. You are ruining personal relationships here. This ain’t Noah my A&R, this ain’t the core homies on the label that help me make my albums great. This is people deep in the company that I’ve never even met! Pay these people, what is wrong with you?!”

“I pay all my debts”, he adds. “This is not my debt to pay. These are friends, but they are hired musicians and I demand you stop fucking up my personal relationships, what is wrong with you? I’m not trying to start a war with my label. But at this point, it is utterly unfair. I mean, to this day, besides an advance I have never seen a single cent in the eight years I’ve been signed to this label. But I don’t care about that money. I just want my homies paid. What’s going on here?!”

He adds that the situation makes him “want to un-retire and drop the last album I have under my contract just so I don’t have to deal with y’all no more”. Maybe that was the label’s sneaky plan all along. Who knows? Def Jam hasn’t commented.