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Madonna made lots of dosh this year, shocker

By | Published on Friday 22 November 2013


Madonna has been named the world’s highest earning musician of 2013, so well done to her. Now she can finally afford to buy all the things she wants.

The singer pulled in an estimated $125 million before tax and fees to her agent and manager, according to Forbes. Largely this came from her ‘MDNA’ world tour, which pulled in $305 million, but she also got a few bits of loose change from sales of merch, and her clothing and perfume lines.

In second place was Lady Gaga, who only made $80 million, which hardly seems worth the effort. But she did have that hip injury, so we’ll let her off. Now she can afford to buy some of things that Madonna used to want but is a bit bored of these days.

Further down the list, Justin Bieber came in seventh, with $58 million, thanks to shrewd business moves like abandoning monkeys and pissing in buckets. Which means he can now afford to buy stuff that Madonna and Gaga might be vaguely interested in. Though he’ll probably just blow it all on South American prostitutes.

Here’s the top ten in full:

1 Madonna ($125 million)
2 Lady Gaga ($80 million)
3 Bon Jovi ($79 million)
4 Toby Keith* ($65 million)
5 Coldplay ($64 million)
6 Bruce Springsteen ($62 million)
7 Justin Bieber ($58 million)
8 Taylor Swift ($55 million)
9 Elton John ($54 million)
10 Beyonce ($53 million)

*He’s one of those country types who no one outside of America has heard of